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September 4, 2006

Jackson, MS: Alleged child pornographer held after police altercation

Accused Child Pornographer Arrested After Attacking Police
Child Pornographer Caught After Attacking Police
By Julie Straw

A West Jackson man has been arrested after attacking two Jackson Police Officers. After taking him into custody the officers make a frightening discovery, pornographic pictures of a minor. Neighbors say this is not the first time.

Around 7:45 Monday morning, police received an anonymous tip about a young girl being mistreated. Officers responded, arriving at a home located in the 4300 block of Thomas Catchings Drive, formerly known as South Drive. JPD Commander Lee Vance says police approached Ted Mauldin, a white male in his late 40's, for questioning.

"Mr. Mauldin at that time became very aggressive and violent towards our police officers. One of our officers had to call for assistance. She and the second officer were able to take Mr. Mauldin into custody after quite a struggle," Commander Vance says.

Police then entered the home and found a 17 year old girl, but that's not all.

Vance says, "We also discovered nude photographs of that 17 year old."

Police say the teenager was not abducted. Officers returned her to her mother. Meanwhile, nearby residents say this isn't the first time police have visited Mauldin's home. They say police confiscated sexually explicit photos a couple of months ago, but weren't able to locate Mauldin until now.

Antonio Cooper says, "They found pictures and they found all kinds of different people. Different little kids, girls, they even found some little boys."

Neighbor's say this is especially frightening because Ted Mauldin's house is located right across the street from Viola E. Lake Elementary School.

"I have a little daughter come over from time to time," Cooper says. "She comes out and rides her bicycle over there. And I wouldn't want that to happen to nobody's child especially not mine."

Commander Vance says a thorough investigation is underway. He credits concerned citizens for keeping a watchful eye and protecting their community.

"This individual who made this call should be highly commended. We need more people like that to give us information. And as a result of that tip, we were able to get this individual into custody and hopefully keep any more children out of danger," Vance says.

Ted Mauldin has been charged with exploitaion of a minor, disorderly conduct, and assault on a police officer. The officers involved suffered minor injuries.
I'll second Commander Vance -- great job by the anonymous citizen who supplied the tip. Community involvement is one of the best ways to protect our children.

Hopefully, those children in the photographs can be indentified so that they may be offered counseling and assistance as needed.

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