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February 9, 2006

The "real problem" of trafficking in Wales

Just in case you thought human trafficking was isolated to mainland Europe...

Via B.T.A.H.T.: Human trafficking "A real problem" in Wales.
The trafficking of people into forced prostitution is a real problem in Wales, according to police and health workers. Since the conviction of Gjergj Mungiovi-Cuka and Akil Likcani for sex trafficking in the Cardiff area last year, police have been investigating other such criminal acts. Giles York, assistant chief constable of South Wales Police, said: "I have covert operations running, testing the stereotypical places to see if there is prostitution happening there, to see if there are people being exploited there."

Consultant clinical psychologist Richard Pates, who runs an outreach programme for prostitutes in Cardiff said "It's very hard to quantify the numbers, because it is obviously a hidden trade, it's a hidden profession.

"But if I asked our outreach worker to take you out today, she would have no trouble in introducing you to 20 women that would probably have been trafficked, so it is not difficult to find women if you know where you are looking.

"It is a real problem in this city and in Wales."
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