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February 2, 2006

Ladies of the 1950s (Korean) Nights

[The Dawn of Modern Korea] (354) Ladies of the 1950s Nights.
The Korea Times
02-02-2006 21:16
By Andrei Lankov

In 1947 the U.S. military government in Korea made prostitution illegal, and in 1948 the parliament of the newly established Republic of Korea upheld the ban. However, there was a major problem with the law: nobody took it seriously. Perhaps, from the very beginning, it was not meant to be taken seriously. Prostitution continued, and in the 1950s reached levels undreamt of in colonial times. An estimated 50-100,000 women made their living by selling sexual services, and there were a number of part-timers as well.

In Korea of the 1960s and 1970s there were at least four distinct type of the prostitution. First, there was cheap sex to the lusty male masses. Second,there was the prostitution, which served the U.S. forces. Another group of prostitutes catered to foreign sex-tourists (largely Japanese), and yet another included high-level call girls who provided sexual pleasures for the top crust [...]
A very interesting and educational article... I encourage you to read the rest.

[HT], [SS]

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