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February 23, 2006

More on Scotland's growing sex trade...

Glasgow Daily Record: Scotland's 6,000 Sex Slaves.
[...] The eastern European gangs who control the sex slaves find most of their victims in the Baltic states of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. Young women are lured to Britain by promises of jobs as waitresses or cleaners.

They are free to enter the UK because their homelands are members of the European Union.

But after they arrive, the gangmasters take their passports and force them to become prostitutes.

Skelly said: "Trafficked girls do not work on the street because there is a lack of control there for the gangs.

"Instead, the girls are kept as virtual prisoners inside a house or a sauna, where they are much easier to keep an eye on. They work very long hours and are hardly allowed out at all."

Many of the girls are virgins when they arrive and the crooks gangrape them to "break them in".

Rape is also used as a punishment for girls who disobey.

Skelly said: "If just one per cent of these girls are being abused, 60 women every day are being serially raped in Scotland."

Crooks from Lithuania, Russia and Albania bring the sex slaves into Scotland. They work closely with local gangsters who run the saunas and massage parlours.

The cash raised from the trade goes to fund other types of crime.

Passports seized from the slaves are used to smuggle more girls into Scotland from non-EU countries such as Moldova and Ukraine. And the overwhelming majority of vice girls in Scotland now come from overseas.

Skelly said: "We have seen a rapid change in off-street prostitution in the last two or three years. It used to be the domain of local girls but now it is almost totally foreign girls.

"In London, 85 per cent of off-street prostitutes are non-UK nationals. I do not see any reason why that figure should be any different here.

"I would say around 10 women every week are trafficked into Scotland."

Skelly said the sex slaves are forced to see between 40 and 60 punters every day, with each man paying around £50 a time.

But the women are not paid a penny for the hell they endure.

The gangsters tell them that the cash they earn pays for their accomodation, heating and food.

The crooks use threats and brutality to keep their slaves in line.

Skelly said: "They will say, 'We know where you live back home and if you do not comply we will kill you or your family.

"We have had instances in England where girls have actually been killed after returning home.

"Some of the girls eventually come to accept what they are doing and continue to work for the gangs.

"Others escape or are just discarded after a time. They go back to their native countries or stay in prostitution."

Many women who escape the trade are left with gynaecological problems. Others are infected with HIV, herpes, gonorrhoea or hepatitis. [...]
No woman should ever have to "accept" what they are doing.

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