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June 12, 2006

WC06: 40,000 trafficked prostitutes "overblown", source

Apparently, it's just a big misunderstanding, false alarm, etc.

AFP: German police say no rise in forced prostitution for World Cup.
[...] "Our unit which specialises in fighting procuring has noticed nothing special," a police spokesman in the southern city of Munich, where the tournament kicked off on Friday, told AFP.

The police chief in the northern port city of Hamburg, another one of 12 cities hosting the event, was quoted by news magazine Der Spiegel's website on Thursday as saying they had not noticed an increase in sex workers in general as a result of the World Cup either.

He said since Hamburg already has some 2,400 prostitutes, there was not much space on the market for newcomers hoping to profit from the world's biggest sporting event.

[...] [t]he head of the Berlin-based organisation "Ban Ying" for abused women said the figure of 40,000 was overblown.

"It is a rumour, a totally exaggerated figure," said Nivedita Prasad.

"Pimps have no reason to bring girls to Germany especially for the World Cup. It is not worth it financially for five weeks," she told AFP.

Prasad said the large number of police deployed for the event would discourage illegal immigrants from working as prostitutes.

"There is an enormous police presence, and women without the right documents would take a big risk to walk the streets. So I do not think that the World Cup will lead to an increase in forced prostitution.

"Anyway, with three matches a day, men will have less time for sex," she added. [...]
An unintentional gross misrepresentation of the facts, etc.

/sarcasm off

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