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May 9, 2006

Italian authorities dismantle "almost national" prostitution ring

Italian Police Dismantles Prostitution Net

Rome, May 8 (Prensa Latina) The Italian militarized police (Carabineers) gave information Monday about the dismantling of an almost national prostitution net, with young Uruguayan girls who were introduced with false documents in Italy

In the course of the operation, simultaneously carried out in several cities of the north of Italy, twelve members of the net were arrested.

A note said arrest orders were given on another 11 members of the net, including their boss, who lives in Spain.

The arrested people were accused of criminal association for recruiting, induction and exploitation of women.

The operation was called "Montevideo" and took a year and a half long, as told by members of the Carabineers corp.

They also told the press the Uruguayan girls were contacted and leased in Montevideo, Uruguay, to work as waitresses, a reason for which they received beauty treatments and a basic course on prostitution.

Once they got in Italy, they were forced to work as prostitutes.

The number of Uruguayan girls is 50, and all of them arrived in Milan, north of Italy from Spain in the last three years.

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