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April 3, 2006

DE-USA: Human trafficking... in the First State?

No, not even the Small Wonder is immune. Raids reveal possible human trafficking.
[...] On May 18, 2005, when police raided the Bridgeville home on Redden Road, they discovered several bedrooms with women's belongings, including "high-heeled shoes, lingerie, excessive amounts of feminine products and birth control," according to court records.

The also found numerous decks of playing cards, cash and "hundreds of condoms" in silver packets in several of the bedrooms.

Moises Dominguez, 53, was identified as the proprietor, although police said he was using the alias Jose Rosas.

During the following 10 months, police in Delaware conducted surveillance at the alleged ring's other operations: 1627 Newport Gap Pike near Prices Corner, 48 N. Pine St. in Seaford and 214 Twin Cedars Apartments near Frankford.

When those sites were raided, Dominguez and his son Juan, 26, were among those arrested and jailed in Sussex Correctional Institution. Each was charged with organized crime and promoting prostitution at brothels in Bridgeville, Frankford, Seaford and Hammonton, N.J.

Hammonton police Detective Jerry Martinez said officers there sat outside a home shielded by a 6-foot high cedar fence for more than a year collecting intelligence.

Operators signaled the home was open for business with either a blue or a red light that could be seen shining in the rear of the house.

The business catered mostly to Mexican migrant workers in the rural farm community. To be admitted, prospective patrons not only had to "speak Spanish, but look the part," said Martinez.

"I would sit and watch," he said. "There were so many people the johns would actually wait in the garage."

Customers would pay $30 for 15 minutes of sex with a woman of their choice. The prostitute's take ranged from $10 to $13 a customer, police said. Out of her portion, the woman was expected to pay for condoms and other job essentials plus food, board and travel expenses.

"While we were conducting the search of the premises, cars were still pulling up outside and wanted to walk in," he said. "The fact that police were there didn't stop them."

Hammonton officers found "a ton of pink condoms" but no guns during the raid.

"One of the girls really pulled in some dough," Martinez said. "She [told us she was] 21, but looked 16. We couldn't prove age because she had no documentation. We believe they were smuggled into the U.S."
There's a lot more to the article, I recommend you read on...

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