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January 25, 2006

The Hungarian "Catfight Convention"

Pestiside: Girls Gone Wild (III): Foreign Pervs Mob "Catfight Convention".
Before closing out the day with our third report on the world-beating aggressiveness and go-ahead-and-stop-me-copper lunacy of some of our Hungarian womenfolk, we'd first like to give a big shout out to Belgium. For without the fathomless perversity and moral decrepitude of our good friends the Belgians, we never would have gotten wind of the following story of sex and violence so base and vile Satan Himself is probably wondering if He has the stomach to keep on reading.

The story, which comes from Belgian television via dailies La Derniere Heure and Népszabadság, involves a most unusual "wrestling competition" that was held at an unnamed hotel somewhere south of Budapest last August. At the event, 30 women, among them Belgians, Ukrainians, Russians and Germans (and, one has to assume, a few super-aggressive Hungarians) duked it out with each other, butt-naked, in front of about 70 people, many of them foreigners who had paid an "entry fee" ranging from €1,500 to €2,000. Members of the audience - almost all men - were also allowed to fight the female wrestlers, among other things.

According to the report, the competition featured not just hair-pulling and other catfight staples, but "violent sexual intercourse without condoms," and even "forced prostitution." The extravaganza was organized by an Austrian producer who used it to record an "erotic video."

The event came to light after a Belgian girl who had participated went to the police. She was brought to the competition by a Belgian man only identified as Michel V., who denied the most serious charges, which we reckon would be the "forced prostitution" part. Among the four girls he brought to the competition, two also said that no "violent" intercourse or prostitution took place.

V. admitted that such an event had taken place in Hungary, but he stressed that the event was in fact a "sporting competitions," and that the four girls he brought were all of legal age and had attended the "tournament" on their own free will. He also denied that he kept half of the money his "competitors" won. (The girls received €80 per fight.) He said he "didn't hear" about anybody being raped, adding that the reason the entry fee was high was that it included room and board for a few days. V. said that this wasn't the first time he was in Hungary for such an even, and added that the audience consisted of "respectable people," including university teachers.

There was no word in the piece about whether the Hungarian authorities were investigating the events. As for the Belgians, they have apparently already told V. he is free to continue holding such competitions at his home in Brussels, and to otherwise continue with his stated goal of "liberating morals." Welcome to the EU.

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